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Can you sign up for the computer examination now

2022-01-26 21:49:23 Research on Maomao 475

2022 year 3 Registration time of national computer grade examination in May 4 Provinces and cities have announced

3 There is news about the registration time of the national computer grade examination in May !3 The monthly examination time is :2022 year 3 month 26 Japan -28 Japan , At present, it has been learned that Guangdong 、 guangxi 、 guizhou 、 shaanxi 4 Registration time , as follows

wide In the east : It's preliminary 12 month 30 Japan -1 month 6 Japan

wide In the west :2021 year 12 month 28 The date of

your state :12 month 29 Japan -1 month 7 Japan

shan In the west :1 month 5 Japan 9:00-1 month 11 Japan 17:00

notes : The registration notice of other regions has not been announced yet .

Please prepare to participate 3 The candidates of the monthly examination tell each other , And pay attention to the computer secondary channel of global online school , And click to use the global online school   Free appointment SMS reminder , You can get the registration time reminder in time .

Registration Photo format requirements

1. The photo must be the recent bareheaded color certificate photo of the candidate himself .

2. The upper and lower parts of the imaging area shall be empty 1/10, Head occupied 7/10, Shoulder area 1/5, Left and right are empty 1/10. The minimum size of the collected image is 192×144( high × wide ), The size of the imaging area is 48mm×33mm( high × wide ).

3. The photo file should be jpg Format , The file name is called *.jpg, among “*” For the candidate himself 14 Bit registration number .

4. Photo size :20KB-200KB.

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