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2022-01-26 21:49:19 Research on Maomao 475

  At University , Many students are struggling , What skills can you learn to improve your core competitiveness in future employment . In many grades , The national computer grade examination can be said to be a relatively popular examination .

   About computer grade examination , There are two kinds , One is the national computer level examination of colleges and universities (CCT), The other is the national computer grade examination (NCRE), How much do you know about these two kinds of exams ? below , Let's get to know !

   Exam Introduction :

  1. What is? CCT?

  CCT Full name “ National computer proficiency test for colleges and universities ”, It feels like the national examination , But the essence is the examination organized by the provinces , Also called provincial computer grade examination , Basically every student has to take the exam , Many colleges require no more than computer level 0ffice You can't get a diploma in the exam , Undergraduate colleges and universities generally only require credits , Not linked to graduation certificate . The exam is very simple , It shall be uniformly organized and arranged by the Academic Affairs Office of the school , The exam time is during the final exam . After passing the exam , Certificate received , It is the official seal of each province . The certificate can only be used in the province , Generally out of the province , Will not be recognized .

  2. What is? NCRE?

   National computer grade examination (National Computer Rank Examination, abbreviation NCRE), It's approved by the Ministry of education , Sponsored by the examination center of the Ministry of Education , Facing the society , A national computer proficiency examination system for examining candidates' computer application knowledge and skills .

   Provincial Examination (CTT) And national examination (NCRE) The difference between

   distinguish CTT And NCRE It's easy , Here are some distinguishing techniques .

   Skill 1 、 Look at the registration fee .

   The registration fee is 38 yuan , yes CTT Provincial Examination ; The registration fee is 137 yuan , yes NCRE National Civil Service Exam .

   Tip two 、 Look at the exam time .

   Every year, 1 Month and 6 What is the purpose of the exam in January CTT Provincial Examination , Every year, 3 The end of the moon and 9 The exam at the end of the month is NCRE National Civil Service Exam .

   Tip three 、 Look at the certificate seal on the certificate cover .

   The official seal of the provincial unit is CTT Provincial Examination , The special seal for certificate of the Ministry of education is NCRE National Civil Service Exam .

   Tip four 、 Look at the gold content of the certificate .

   The seal determines the gold content of the certificate , The low gold content is CTT certificate , The high gold content is NCRE certificate .

   Tip five 、 Look at the difficulty of the exam .

   The simple test questions are generally CTT Provincial Examination , Almost every college student can pass grade one 0ffice The test . The more difficult test questions are generally NCRE National Civil Service Exam , Especially for the national level II and above , If many students don't prepare well for the exam , It's almost hard to pass .

C standing (CSDN) Competency certification center

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