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How many points does the computer research need

2022-01-26 21:49:16 Research on Maomao 475

First level subjects 、 second level MS Office Advanced applications 、 There is no change in the certification conditions of level 3 subjects , Exam achievement 60 You can get a certificate with a score of or above , There is no requirement for multiple-choice questions to be scored ! The conditions for obtaining the certificate of level 4 subjects are the same as usual , You must obtain the corresponding level 3 Certificate and pass the level 4 examination before you can obtain the certificate . however , Secondary programming subjects and database subjects , That's level two C Language 、JAVA、C++、Web、Python、ACCESS、MySQL, The conditions for obtaining the certificate are adjusted to : The total score is 60 Points and multiple-choice questions reach 20 Above and above .

Multiple choice questions of secondary programming and database subjects account for 40 branch , Multiple choice questions mainly test theoretical knowledge , The purpose of this adjustment is obviously to make the examinee prepare for the exam , We should pay attention to the study of theoretical knowledge . However, the effect of such adjustment is very limited , Take level two C language , Back 3 A big question , Average per lane 20 branch , common 60 branch , If you make a mistake, you'll deduct it 20 branch , If anything else 2 It's all right , have to 40 branch , The rest 40 Multiple choice questions must get 20 branch , To make the total score reach 60 branch . This situation is no different from that before the adjustment , Because in reality, those who pass the exam , Most people take multiple-choice questions 20 More than .

But if it is ACCESS Not so , The following operation questions are also 60 branch , Because it is graded step by step , So you're more likely to get high marks , There are multiple-choice questions lower than 20 But the total score is higher than 60 The situation of points , And this situation is quite common . After the policy adjustment , Will urge candidates to pay attention to multiple-choice questions , That is, pay attention to theoretical knowledge . Simply put, just remember when you should remember 、 Just carry it . therefore , The role of different subjects in this policy is different .

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