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National Computer Examination Office admission card

2022-01-26 21:49:11 Research on Maomao 475

computer second-level ofice
Note to examinees ( Admission ticket )
1. Candidates shall register at the test site or online according to the registration process announced by the provincial undertaking organization (1) Candidates do not have valid ID cards to register . Valid ID card refers to resident ID card 《 Including temporary ID card 》. Military credentials 《 Officer card 、 General official certificate 、 Soldier's card 》、 Pass for Hong Kong and Macao residents to and from the mainland 、 Pass and passport for Taiwan residents to and from the mainland ,
(2) When you sign up , Candidates should provide an accurate date of birth (8 Bit character type ), Otherwise, the qualified candidates will not be able to number and print the certificate (3) In the same exam , Candidates can only register for the same subject once , Those who apply for more than one examination will cancel the results of all subjects in this examination (4) Candidates who register on site should be in duplicate 《 Candidate registration form 》 On ( Including photos ) Confirmation information , For wrong information, we should put forward , Confirm again after the test site is changed . Sign only after there is no error : Candidates registered online , Candidates themselves are responsible for filling in the information (5) When the candidates registered on site get their admission cards , You should bring the city's candidate registration form ( Candidates keep ) And valid ID cards , And check the distribution of the examination room by yourself 、 Time ; Candidates registered online , Complete the corresponding work according to the requirements of the provincial undertaking organization .
2. Candidates should bring their own admission card and valid ID card to take the exam .
3. Candidates should before the exam 15 Minutes to the examination room , Submit your admission card and valid ID card for inspection , At the same time, draw lots to determine the examination machine number .
4. Candidates in advance 5 Minutes enter the admission number from in the examination system , And check the name displayed on the screen 、 Valid ID No , If not , The invigilator will help them find out my reasons . Candidates information 、 Registration library and signature of candidates 《 Candidate registration form 》 Information shall prevail , Do not change the registration information and login information .
5, After the exam , Late candidates are not allowed to enter .

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