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Truffle's first windows experience

2022-01-26 21:31:22 Roway

First step : install nodejs

The second step : install truffle

 Get into cmdD:\truffle>npm install -g truffle

The third step :

D:\truffle>npm install ganache-cli -g

start-up ganache


Ganache CLI v6.12.2 (ganache-core: 2.13.2)

explain : Here, if you use the following command to install , The deployment will report an error at that time 【 Remember not to use this outdated installation method --- Step on the pit !!!】

  • This kind of error message :VM Exception while processing transaction: invalid opcode*
  • npm -g install [email protected]
  • D:\truffle\MetaCoin>TestRPC*
  • EthereumJS TestRPC v6.0.3 (ganache-core: 2.0.2)*

Step four :

 Into a new cmd    mkdir MetaCoin    cd MetaCoind:\truffle\MetaCoin>truffle unbox metacoin

explain : There may be a mistake here 【Got error: getaddrinfo ENOENT】

 The solution is :    1、 see The real IP Address 【https://www/】    2、 Find out ip, Configuration to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts In the document          such as :                              

Step five :

 modify :truffle-config.js file 

Step six :

truffle compiletruffle migratetruffle test

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